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At Herrlich Chemicon, we have a simple purpose to set new standards of quality & creativity while redefining & changing interior spaces.

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Interior Design Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated!
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Creativity While Redefining and Changing Interior Spaces.


At Herrlich Chemicon, we have a simple purpose – to set new standards of quality and creativity while redefining and changing interior spaces. Whether it’s through the application of construction chemicals, the use of interior films(Tileskin ) or the provision of lifestyle products, we aim to enhance your overall living experience in the smoothest way possible. The heart of our company lies in customer satisfaction, real growth, and breaking boundaries.

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Interior Films

Architectural/Interior film is a versatile self-adhesive material designed for application onto a variety of flat or curved interior surfaces, offering coverage and aesthetic enhancement. This film can be applied to multiple surfaces, transforming them with ease and style. Know More…

Lifestyle Products

Telkì Milano has created a captivating collection inspired by Italy’s rich traditions! The use of ceramic tiles’ patterns and colors in products like Carpets, table mats, Trivets, and Coasters is a wonderful way to capture the essence of Italy’s charm. The added feature of making these products suitable for outdoor use, with the use of integral and waterproof plastic compounds, showcases their versatility. Plus, the special treatment to enhance resistance to direct sun exposure is a thoughtful touch, ensuring the longevity of these beautiful pieces. Know More…


What Our Clients Say

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Innerspace provides international quality Smart Space- Saving modular furniture… having excellent modular systems capable of extracting useful volumes in places not exploited in this way...
I met Mr Devang Sarvaiya for the first time at an exhibition where he had displayed his range of Tile skins. I had liked the product and had kept in mind an opportunity to use it.
When I was working on a Modular Furniture project in which Kitchen, Bedroom & Living room furniture was being provided by us the client wanted to give their 2 bathrooms a new look without any breakage of existing tiles.
That’s when I got Mr Devang to send his team member to check out the site along with the options for the client to make a decision.
Post that both the bathrooms got a completely new look within 2 days of ordering the material.
I will highly recommend Mr Devang to anyone looking for a getting a new look and feel to their existing bathroom without going through the hassles & inconvenience of breaking

Warm Regards,
Rtn Khuzem Sakarwala
DATED: 11/09/2023
Rtn Khuzem Sakarwala