Conditions of Sale Online

1. These terms and conditions governing contracts concluded with Serifoto Ltd. MILAN current Republic Square 9 - telephone number +39 039 651 398, fax +39 0396091919 through the use, by the client, the website or via electronic communication to and / or otherwise using other modes of distance marketing and related to the sale or administration of products on the site

2. For the purposes of these general conditions is meant by "professional client" has the meaning set "professional" by Legislative Decree. N. 206 in 2005 and for "non-professional client" has the meaning set "consumer" by Legislative Decree. N. 206 of 2005. It is intended to "customer" the person performing the order and / or the proposed order and otherwise characterized. It means by "distance contract" contract so defined by the Legislative Decree. N. 206 2005.

3. The general conditions applicable to individual contracts are posted on the website when formulating the order by the customer, or at the time of the conveyance of its proposed purchase. The customer, therefore, will be required to verify the contents of the general conditions then in force.

4. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract between the customer and Serifoto understanding that, for certain sales campaigns, the same may be supplemented with additional conditions identified in the terms and mode of application, time to time on the site or through direct written communication by Serifoto.

5. The law applicable to contracts concluded with the customer is that resulting from the Italian legislation. The contracts concluded with the customer amateur also applies the rules in the Legislative Decree. N. 206 of 2005 as amended, including, in particular, the Chief entitled "Of the consumer rights in contracts", to which these general conditions shall refer to, as well as regulations concerning the legal guarantee of conformity specified in the Articles. 129 et seq. of Legislative Decree. n. 206 of 2005, as amended.
1. The contracts concluded via the website must be sealed when placing the order and the simultaneous payment of the price, in the manner indicated on the website always. To purchase the customer must register in advance on the same website in communicating the data required therein and accepting treatment by Serifoto under law. n. 196 of 2003. The customer can change their order up to relay final at the end of the wizard and the simultaneous payment as provided by the website and these conditions. Upon confirmation of the order the customer confirms, together, to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

2. When you intend to buy products uncoded must submit a request, duly substantiated and accompanied their data (of which accept the same treatment by Serifoto under law. N. 196 of 2003), at; request that Serifoto reserves anyway to evaluate and, if necessary, will be followed by the identification of the price and the insertion of the product, with its code, the sales site. Since that time, the customer can then proceed to purchase in the manner indicated in the previous article 2.1.

3. Serifoto will provide the client with the confirmation of the contract concluded at a distance at the latest when the goods are delivered to the address indicated in the purchase order. This confirmation will reproduce the terms of the agreement and will be submitted in paper form. The same will also, in the case of non-professional client, the attached model withdrawal form set forth in Article 5.3.
1. The assets acquired under order are the ones on the site and chosen by the customer. The same are duly listed on the site itself, with detailed description in the respective sections and, possibly, camera kit. It is understood that the photos on the site are only intended to assist in the presentation of the product and are subject to a more or less resolution even in the face of the electronic means used by the customer.

2. Serifoto reserves at all times to introduce, remove and / or modify the products on the site. The same shall nevertheless endeavor to make the customer find the required products according to the types and specifications indicated on the site at the time of order or the order proposal.

3. In case of non-coded these general conditions and the indications on the site, where applicable, will be supplemented by the customer's specifications and / or those that may be communicated by Serifoto.

4. In any case, it is the responsibility of the customer to determine the characteristics of the product and the adequacy, in the amounts and types, order or proposed order before forwarding.

1. The method of calculation of the purchase price shall, for coded products, listed on the site sections respectively the individual product and also with indication of any tax paid by the customer. The price of the products will be initially coded independently determined and, in any case, placed on the site of sale at the time of code generation.

2. Before the conclusion of the contract, and also when using the website, Serifoto will communicate to the customer the estimated total price. With the final confirmation of the order, the customer gives then declares it has read and understood the economic terms of the contract Serifoto exempting from the requirement to give him notice if not by the computer system.

3. The payment for purchases made from the site will be announced on the site and check by the customer before publishing order. In the case of payment by credit card the customer agrees, at the request of Serifoto, to be sent within 24 hours of the request a copy of an identity document proving the effective ownership of the card on the understanding that, in the absence, Serifoto reserves to refuse 'operation and cancel the order.

4. Serifoto will deliver the required products at the address entered in the purchase order within 30 days after the conclusion of the contract and with shipping costs, when charged to the customer, to be calculated as described on the website and displayed during the order . In case of non-professional customers, the risk of loss or damage to the goods will be moving at the time of its delivery, the same or to a person designated by him. If professional customer the risk will transfer, and Serifoto will shed, putting the goods to the carrier or freight forwarder.
1. There are no professional shall have a period of fourteen days to withdraw from the distance contract without giving any reason and without incurring any costs other than those related to the restitution of property in the event of restituibilità by mail. That period shall run from the moment the customer is not a professional acquires physical possession of the property. In case of multiple order shall run from the time she takes possession of the last good. In the case of contracts for regular delivery shall run from the time she takes possession of the first good. It is understood that such a law is not in any case granted to professional customers.

2. The withdrawal is excluded in the case of supply of products made to specifications and / or otherwise including custom, and although not exhaustively, products defined as not coded.

3. Before expiry of the withdrawal period, the customer must inform Serifoto of its decision to use them. To this end, may: a) use the model withdrawal form submitted in paper form or otherwise downloadable at the bottom of this page, fill it in and submit it to the or B) make any other unequivocal statement of its decision to cancel the contract.

4. Upon successful completion of this period, or to non-fulfillment of the indicated mode, the customer loses the right of withdrawal. The customer is also void in case of card laying of the products.

5. In the event of a valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, the contract may already have been concluded will cease to produce effects and the customer will not hold itself bound to its bid. Serifoto refund to the client all the payments received, including the costs of delivery, where this paid, while the latter must return the products in the manner specified on the site but no later than fourteen days from the day It announced its intention to exercise the right of withdrawal.

6. Any complaints must be forwarded to with the information of the customer and the purchase order and will be directly processed by Serifoto.
1. The customer can, for all its needs after the conclusion of the contract, contact your distributor may be available in your area or, if absent, directly to the executive through the following contact

2. The network of distributors of products Tileskin, identified by the label "Show Room Tileskin", is published on the website as gradually updated.