Installing and removing Tileskin®

The installation and removal of Tileskin® Adhesive Coatingare simple and intuitive operations and can also be performed in DIY mode even in the absence of specific application capabilities.

NO SLIP requires a good manuality skill as laying on the ground must be performed with care and attention.

It is possible to see how to do these operations in the section Tutorials of this site.

Installing Tileskin®

Before applying the Product, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the surface which should be smooth and free of all traces of residue that would otherwise be visible after application.

Tileskin® is in fact a highly conformable film that shows up every feature of the surface, and careful preparation of the surface and application of the material are essential to obtain best results and a long life-span.

Do not apply Tileskin® on surfaces that are loose or dusty because the adhesive may not work as efficiently or parts of the surfaces could come away during removal of the Tileskin®.

Do not apply Tileskin® on compact surfaces that are not securely attached to the wall, in order to avoid unwanted detachment of decorated parts during removal of the Tileskin®.

Tileskin® measures 2 mm less than the nominal size of the tile concerned, leaving sufficient clearance to ensure best results and without covering the gaps between the tiles..

In the interest of ease, we suggest doing the following:

Fold the protective paper back about 3 cm to expose the adhesive part. Put Tileskin® on the tile, aligning it with the top edge but leaving sufficient space to avoid covering the gap.

Use the SPATULA to gently press down the applied surface and lift the part still with the paper on it. Pull the protective paper off slowly, using the SPATULA to press down the adhesive as it is gradually exposed.

When you have done, check the result to make sure that the adhesive has been applied successfully.

If Tileskin® has not been applied correctly, remove it by lifting one corner carefully and pull the material gently to detach it from the surface.

Repeat the application procedure, aligning it with the top edge and keeping the rest of the film lifted up to prevent it from attaching.

When you are pleased with the result, apply pressure with the SPATULA moving it outwards from the centre, focusing in particular on the outer edges and corners.

Do not clean the product for 72 hours. This is to allow the material to fully adhere. If cleaning is necessary, take all due care to avoid detaching the product accidentally

Removing Tileskin®

After application, Tileskin® can be removed at any time by carefully detaching one corner and then pulling the film slowly either diagonally or at an angle to remove the adhesive.

If the surface detaches and remains on the material, this means the surface is not suitable for application.

We advise you remove it as slowly as possible even though sometimes this precaution is not always sufficient.