Frequently Asked Questions

Why to use Tileskin®?

Tileskin can be performed as a DIY product, doesn’t requires any skill, provides a graphical freedom, is quick and easy to use and can be removed without difficulty, bringing back the situation to the aesthetic starting point. It does not require any masonry work and you run quickly ensuring a surprising new look.

Is it easy to use?

It is fast and easy, thanks to the technology of the materials used . However we suggest to buy the spatula tool to facilitate application (essential for the NO SLIP version).

Use of Tileskin®

ONLY DRESS versions is required only a minimal manual dexterity and possibly the spatula tool. For NO SLIP version is required a good manual skills and the spatula tool.

If I wrong to apply Tileskin®?

Place and remove slowly but not press until the correct positioning completed. In any case you can removed without difficulty, by applying a continuous and regular force, without tearing.

Do you supply application?

The application phase is not followed directly , but it is possible that our showroom and promotion centers could support you.

Is the floor slippery after application ?

For the floor is recommended NO SLIP version that provides an average degree of non-slip to allow the passage of the cloth for the cleaning.

May I buy my own graphic?

Yes it is possible, but for all the details you are asked to contact our Technical Support to email

Is Tileskin® produced in any size and shape?

Our graphics are made in standard tiles sizes (see shop at In case you need to produce different measures you can contact our support department by writing to

How to buy a special image?

For this request, you can contact our support department at The application of an image is still a simple matter, as long as you understand the method and performing carefully positioning to carry the image properly.

I have not tiles on the walls. May I use Tileskin®?

It is possible, but in this case contact our support at to have the correct information . The application of different surfaces by single tile may be difficult and requires experience and good manual in addition to the right tool .

Where can I see a decoration?

At one of our Show Room or at one of our promotion points you will see for yourself the aesthetic result and also test the application, or you can buy a test kit for free on our shop online.

May I keep the regeneration solution for long time?

No, the solution has a shelf life of only 8 hours when diluted. See section Technical Catalog