Waterproofing Solutions

Is a high performance, liquid-applied waterproofing membrane of PU acrylic polymer, It consists of a very elastic polymer with the inherent flexibility that allows the membrane to accommodate movements in the substrate? It works as a seamless membrane that performs and adapt to any construction requirements in varied climatic conditions. It is highly recommended for terrace waterproofing, roof garden, and planters. Coverage: First coat 35-40 Sq. Ft. /Litre / coat Second coat smooth surface 45-50 Sq. Ft./ Litre/ coat
Polymer Modified Bituminous Waterproofing 'membrane' consisting of a central non-woven160 gsm. Polyester core, for concrete deck & bridges, Prevents corrosive effects of deicing salts, Ideal for basement reservoirs, tunnels. Suitable for repairs.
Bitucoat is a cost effective and short-term waterproofing system for various types of treated / untreated surfaces. It is an ideal economic solution for preventing quick and easy repairs for waterproofing of flat concrete roofs, pitched roofs, AC/GI sheet roof. It is a semi- viscous liquid, cold applied membrane coating primarily developed for quick & easy repairs for waterproofing iron, steel, masonry or concrete surfaces etc. Coverage: 25-30 Sq. Ft./Litre/Coat on smooth masonry surface.
Bitucoat - Plus is a rubberized water proof coating, based on synthetic rubber and organic chemicals, It is a Single Component, ready to use a black coating which can be applied to dry or damp surfaces. Bitucoat - Plus can be used for waterproof of terraces, parapet walls, AC / GI sheets, gutters, roofs of buses, car chasis etc. and is extremely useful for coating for inside and outside water tanks. Coverage: 40-55 Sq. Ft./Litre/Coat on the smooth masonry surface.
A cold applied bituminous bonding coat which is to bond bitumen based waterproof coatings. It is designed such that it seals porous surfaces and encourages the adhesion of bituminous waterproof coatings. Coverage: Metal 80-85 Sq. Ft. /Litre/ Coat Concrete 60-70 Sq. Ft. /Litre/ Coat
Ready to use waterproof coating as a top coat on Trans proof, Withstands expansion and contraction to prevent cracks, it create a strong & scratch resistant film & seals hairline cracks. Prevents growth of mildew, and algae etc. Waterproofing of AC sheets and GI sheets also. Suitable for repairs. Coverage – 55-60 Sq. Ft./Lit/coat on smooth surface.
Is a pure acrylic polymer based liquid specially designed for making polymer modified cementitious based waterproof coatings. It is the most cost effective polymeric waterproofing solution. ISOGUARD - WP is mainly recommended for waterproofing of terraces, toilets, bathrooms, sunken slabs, basements and also water tanks. It can be used on floor or external walls. It can be used on sunken portion of bathrooms, toilets, balconies etc. Suitable for repairs. Coverage – 55-60 Sq. Ft. /Kg/coat.
A single white component, anti-fungal, water-based, pure acrylic and microfiber based waterproof coating. It creates an ultra- strong and scratch resistant film and seals hairline cracks. It is a three coat, high build system that acts as a negative barrier against moisture, water, and other atmospheric impurities MASTERCOAT is primarily used as a waterproof coating on terraces. It can be also used on parapet walls, outer and inner walls, basements, as an overcoat on AC Sheets, GI Sheets and PUF insulated roofs. Coverage – 20 Sq. Ft./Litre/coat on smooth surface
Is an acrylic polymer based liquid specially developed for making polymer modified cementitious based coatings for water proofing systems and repair. It is also suggested for use as bonding coat with old to new concrete, and plaster and for repairing of plaster and concrete. Suitable for repairs. Coverage – 45-50 Sq. Ft./Kg.
Is primarily used for spalled concrete structures such as beams, columns, chajjas, parapets etc. It is also used for waterproofing of terraces, sunken, slabs, chajjas, parapets, etc. Furthermore it is used as a bonding agent for tiles, panels, bricks, stones etc. Suitable for repairs. Coverage – 50-55 Sq. Ft./Litre / Coat
A Two-Component Polymer Modified heavy duty cementitious coating for Watertanks in fisheries, reservoirs are, Swimming pools, storage water tanks, chemicals tanks, petrol & diesel tanks, Protection against brackish Water, Durable Waterproofing. Suitable for repairs. Coverage - 8-10 Sq. Ft. / Kg.
A Two Component Polymer Modified cementitious coating with high adhesion to both Steel & Concrete. It forms a hard, highly alkaline coating with a degree elasticity. Wide area of application for roofs, sunken slab, balconies, basements bridge decks, Canal Walls, as Waterproof Bottom Coat for Marble & granite Flooring, Suitable for repairs. Coverage - 20 - 25 Sq. Ft. / Kg /Coat.
A transparent waterproofing + primer for porous substances. Acrylic sealer cum bonding agent for BWP & BWP – etc. Excellent adhesion. properties Resistant to mid acids, oil and grease. Stable to 100 degrees Celsius. Suitable for repairs. Coverage – 70 -75 Sq. Ft. /Lit/coat. Use – On mother slab of toilet blocks, at least 2 coats
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