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SOLAR REFLECTIVE & WATERPROOF COATING It is Solar reflecting & water proofing coating Treated surface temperature can be reduced by 6-20° C SRI value >101 Solar reflectance > 80% LRV >89. (Free of lead (Pb) & VOC.) Fast drying. Reduce air conditioner Power consumption. Minimizes thermal expansion & contraction of applied surfaces.
LEACK ARRESTING OR WATERPROOF COATING Water proof coating those penetrators deep in to surface to arrest leacks offers tough, flexible non- yellowing, abrasion resistance, and water repellent surface, also minimizes heat transfer & heat build-up universal application.
WATER PROOF COATING FOR BATHROOM LFOORS & WALLS, SWIMMING POOLS & WATER TANKS Water proof coating Specially developed for bathroom walls & floor, swimming pools & Water tanks tp prevent any leacks. It offers, tough, flexible non-yellowing abrasion resistant, water repellent surface.
TRANSPARENT WATER PROOF COATING FOR GRANITE/ STONES/ TILED WALLS A transparent water proof coating for Granite, Stones, Tiles walls Gives glossy water proof surface.
FOR FILLING SMALL CRACKS UPTO 5MM A two Component System for filling cracks up to 5mm on Concrete surface before any waterproofing treatment.
A milky-white, Styrene- Butadiene co-polymer latex liquid, produced from styrene and butadiene by high pressure emulsion polymerization with high dispersive properties. When used with cement, concrete and plaster, it reduces the mixing time through high dispersion of the polymer and improves waterproofing, new to old concrete/plaster bonding and strength characteristics and reduces shrinkage and cracking of the mix.
Is well formulated factory made ready to use polymerized drymix plaster which can be used for external plastering, ceiling plastering and as part of Water Proofing activity.
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