Industrial Grouts & Repair

A ready to use polymer modified, ecofriendly, we mix, self-curing bricks adhesive of any kind. The product is designed to save water, labour and tie to make conventional mortar. Coverage – ACC Block 625 X 240 X 200 = 100 - 110 Sq. Ft./25Kgs Concrete Block 390 X 290 X 150 = 60 - 70 Sq. Ft./25Kgs
Is general purpose, non-shrink, and ready to use wet mix mortar. It is a single component product and self-curing. It does no need any pre or post water addition, thus saving water cost. Coverage: as per usage at site
A general purpose, non-shrink, and cementatious grout. Ready to use grout when added with controlled quantity of water, can achieve a free flowing or a paste type of consistency for various uses in the construction industry. These included bedding in precast units in walls, roofs, slabs, anchor bolts, machinery foundation, turbines, generators, filling holes of scaffolding supports, framework ties etc.
A 3 Component System based on Epoxy' High Strength grouting & fixing of anchor, Crash barrier, posts, fencing, railing posts etc. It is particular used where long working time is required. Suitable for repairs.
A one component, free flowing micro concrete, Suitable for repair to all kind of concrete structures. Coverage – 1.5 m2 per 25kg pack at 10 mm thickness yield – 13.5Lit.t
Ready to use acrylic mortar for quick repairs & traffic could resume within short time repair honey combing etc. Suitable for repairs.
Is a pure acrylic polymer based liquid specially designed for making polymer modified cementitious based waterproof coatings. It is the most cost effective polymeric waterproofing solution. ISOGUARD - WP is mainly recommended for waterproofing of terraces, toilets, bathrooms, sunken slabs, basements and also water tanks. It can be used on floor or external walls. It can be used on sunken portion of bathrooms, toilets, balconies etc. Suitable for repairs. Coverage – 55-60 Sq. Ft. /Kg/coat.
A single white component, anti-fungal, water-based, pure acrylic and microfiber based waterproof coating. It creates an ultra- strong and scratch resistant film and seals hairline cracks. It is a three coat, high build system that acts as a negative barrier against moisture, water, and other atmospheric impurities MASTERCOAT is primarily used as a waterproof coating on terraces. It can be also used on parapet walls, outer and inner walls, basements, as an overcoat on AC Sheets, GI Sheets and PUF insulated roofs. Coverage – 20 Sq. Ft./Litre/coat on smooth surface
A Single Component to fill gaps up to 6mm between mosaics, marbles, natural stones. Excellent adhesion. Shrink proof, UV resistant. Available in various shades. Coverage – 30g/meter. of 3mm wide and 5mm deep joints (approx.)
A three Component high build repair material for repair of concretes & bitumen or any horizontal surfaces. Use for rapid setting (30-60Mit) & minimum traffic interruption is required. Reduces thermal load on Surface. Only for repairs.
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