Flooring Solutions

A two components, ready to use as a primer bonding agnt for all epoxy coatings. Excellent mechanical and bonding strength Coverage – 85-90 Sq. Ft./Lit/coat.
A two component heavy duty Epoxy floor coating . Self-smoothening. Waterproof, Dust proof and chemical resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. For traffic areas. For pharma, electronic industries floors. Coverage – 50 – 55 Sq. Ft./Kg/coat.
A two components self-leveling dust free & hygienic conditions heavy duty epoxy with very high abrasion chemical impact resistance. With smooth & glossy finish to the concrete flooring. Ideal for areas with heavy traffic. For garages, showrooms, exhibition halls, engineering units, workshops etc. Coverage – 9-10 Sq. Ft./Kg/coat.
A 3 component cementitious mortar for instant waterproofing. Provides anti-skid surface, stops leakage, dampness, seepage of water. Withstands vibrations of heavy machinery. Suitable for repairs. Coverage: Rough surface 48 – 54 Sq. Ft. / per 5.6Kg Smooth Surface - 60 – 72 Sq. Ft. / per 5.6Kg
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