Anti – Corrosive Coatings

Converts rust from Steel rods to phosphate coating to prevent further rusting. No need to remove rust before coating. Applied by brush or spray. Coverage – 180 – 200 Sq. Ft./Lit/coat.
A two component epoxy resin based Rebar coating. It is a anticorrosive coating which protects rebar from corrosion. Provides immensely good resistance to oil, grease, petrol and certain chemical spillage. Coverage:80 – 85 Sq. Ft./ Kg. /coat
A solvent based two-component product evolved by blending of coal tar, epoxy resins with modified amide hardener and solvents. It can be used as a protective corrosion inhibitor coating & anti-corrosive material for concrete plaster etc. Coverage: Non Porous – 70 – 80 Sq. Ft. / Lit / coat Porous – 55 – 60 Sq. Ft. / Lit / coat.
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