Concure is a ready to use formulation that provides the complete development of concrete's wear resistance and strength properties while accelerating curing time. Concure is used in curing of concrete in irrigation canals, highways, runways, roofs, cooling towers, pre-cast pipes, slabs, blocks and sloping structures. Coverage: 70 – 80 Sq. Ft. Lit. By brush.
Finecrete is an integral waterproofing admixture of concrete, which converts water soluble compounds present in concrete, into insoluble silicates. It possesses good plasticizing properties, avoids segregation and provides cohesive mix. Dosage: 200ml per 50kg. bag of cement
Finemix- FRX is a high range plasticizer cum retarder. It is ideal for onsite batching plants. RMC
Super plasticizer for on-site RMC plants, High pumpablility, low retardation, High strength, SNS based.
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