A Water based ready to use acrylic elastomeric polymer for masonry coatings with Outstanding Tint Retention & Excellent durability. Waterproof & Weatherproof for external Surfaces. Coverage - 70 - 75 Sq. Ft. /Lit / Coat on smooth surface.
A 100% acrylic, anti-dampness coating. It is a single component, ready to use coating which acts as a barrier to moisture and water. It can be used for interior and exterior applications. Coverage: 70 -80 Sq. Ft./Litre/coat on smooth surface
A Single Component Primer for Décor proofer, Excellent Primer & Binder over Plastered & Painted Surface. Coverage - 60 - 70 St. Ft. / Lit / Coat.
A three component, polymer system, free flowing grout. It is particularly used where short working time is required. Also it is used for grouting at high temperature and to fill large gaps up to 300mm.
A Heat Reflecting Coating for External walls, Roofs, Parapet & industrial roofs Like GI & AC Sheets. Coverage - 50 - 60 Sq. Ft. / Lit / Coat.
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